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​The Hoyt collection was born from the contradiction of art and technical solutions related to office lighting standards. This opposition forced technical development to new levels to preserve the form. The outcome is a high-performance office lighting series that looks stunning and complies with all the standards with room to spare.

Hoyt - if you want more from office lighting than just its ability to meet the standards.

First expressions

What they're saying

I have seen glimpses of Hoyt being designed and lighting up Saarepera & Mae studio. The emotional response and the quality of light it produces cannot be explained - you have to see it to understand. Truly an exceptional experience.

Renee Puusepp

Architect / Construction tech innovator

With over 20 years in the creative industry, light and its accuracy in displaying our creative work have been incredibly important. Hoyt delivers in removing anxiety about how the colors of a product's packages will display in different light conditions. Such accuracy will predetermine how the package will communicate in diverse environments, so we can approach our designs strategically.

Rainer Kramm

Founder / CEO / Head of Strategic Design and Advertising

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